Welcome to the NSLC Alumni Network

This network is dedicated to our outstanding alumni. As alumni, you have many opportunities to continue on as leaders. You may join our staff, make a positive impact in your own community as an alumni reference, and share your experience with other students through our alumni nomination process.

Request your Letter of Recommendation

To request one or more copies of your NSLC Alumni Letter of Recommendation, please use our online form. We can send the letter of recommendation to your home address or directly to the Admissions departments of the schools to which you are applying. Click here to go to the form.

Write about the NSLC on Facebook

Prospective students love to hear from our alumni on their experience at the NSLC. Visit our Facebook page and write a review of your program, post photos of your trip, or answer student questions on the Wall. And you could encourage another student to attend the NSLC!