The Social Media Coordinator supervises and generates content for social platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, and WordPress to capture moments of a student’s NSLC experience for family, friends, and parents at home. The SMC works for the whole summer at an NSLC campus (to review this year’s dates, please visit

Requirements: Please note the following requirements of our programs before applying to be a Team Advisor.

As an SMC, you will:

  • Shoot and edit Daily Video Blogs for different programs
  • Manage and update a WordPress Site
  • Collect and upload photographs for Flickr
  • Write and monitor a Site Twitter Account
  • Work closely with On-site Administration
  • Perform occasional office tasks


  • 2+ years of video editing experience, including basic knowledge of sound and color correction
  • Though not required, experience in documentary film production is preferred
  • URL link to demo reel
  • Knowledge and experience of utilizing Twitter

Compensation: In addition to room, board and travel, SMC’s will receive a stipend throughout the summer.