The National Student Leadership Conference prepares students for college and a future career.

Upon completion of a NSLC program, students receive a Certificate of Achievement and an official program transcript documenting the extensive work performed. Students also receive a letter of recommendation that may be submitted to colleges as part of the admissions process. As Alumni, students can request that additional letters of recommendation be sent directly to colleges or scholarship programs.

In addition to the tangible benefits described above, your son or daughter will develop essential leadership skills that will be of great benefit throughout high school, college and a future career. Career exploration through workshops, college-level lectures and meetings with professionals in their chosen field will give your student valuable insight into a future career ahead of college.

Just as important, interactions with other high-achieving students from around the world who share their interests will prepare them for the social and intellectual rigors of college.


Experience a future career

The NSLC uses an interactive approach to learning that enables students to experience a day-in-the-life of a future career. Our youth leadership programs are interactive, dynamic and exciting. They are facilitated by our staff, but directed by our students.

While at the NSLC, students will meet with and learn from national and world leaders, surgeons and scientists, actors and playwrights, business leaders, lawyers and more. Exclusive tours and behind-the-scenes visits add richness to the experience.

Prepare for College

Students participating in the NSLC experience life on a college campus as they make friends with a diverse group of students who share their interests.

At the National Student Leadership Conference, students enjoy college-level lectures taught by university professors, doctors, practicing attorneys, professional artists and more. Our curriculum provides students with a foundation of knowledge that will prepare them for success in college and in their future career.

Earn College Credit
American University, distinguished as a premier global university, has certified the academic quality of the NSLC, enabling students attending the NSLC to earn up to three transferable college credit hours in conjunction with their NSLC program.

Develop your leadership potential

At the heart of the NSLC is a comprehensive leadership program designed to develop the leadership potential within each of our students. Students participate in a series of interactive workshops led by nationally renowned facilitators. Students practice the skills of effective leadership throughout the program as they work with their teams, returning home with the skills essential for success in high school, college and beyond.