The NSLC offers a comprehensive scholarship program to help students attend our summer programs and NSLC alumni pay for college.

2019 Summer Program Scholarships

For students attending the NSLC this summer…

The NSLC understands that family circumstances may not enable all qualified students to attend a program without financial assistance. Therefore, this year we will once again make available substantial funding through the National Student Leadership Foundation (NSLF) Scholarship Program.

To be considered for a scholarship, a student must be enrolled in the NSLC and have submitted a $350 tuition deposit. Note: If a student is denied a scholarship, or if the scholarship award is insufficient, your deposit will be refunded upon cancellation.

$20,000 Alumni College Scholarships

For NSLC alumni in their senior year of high school…

To recognize the hard work, talent, and dedication of our alumni, the National Student Leadership Foundation has designated a portion of the NSLF scholarship fund for a merit-based alumni college tuition scholarship program.

The NSLF will award twelve scholarships to outstanding National Student Leadership Conference alumni to attend one of our host universities. Each recipient will receive a $20,000 tuition scholarship to be distributed in $5,000 increments over four consecutive years.


For students raising money to help pay for an NSLC program this summer…

While the National Student Leadership Foundation would like to meet the financial needs of all students, the large volume of scholarship applicants combined with limited funding, means that not all applicants will receive scholarships. The Foundation has created a comprehensive Guide to Community Fundraising which has helped make the NSLC an affordable experience for all applicants. This guide contains suggestions that have been used successfully by past NSLC students to raise funds while also forging relationships with leaders in their community. In several cases, students have been able to raise funds covering the full cost of their program and travel expenses.

Students who would like additional assistance in their fundraising efforts are encouraged to contact the NSLC Enrollment Office to speak with one of our Fundraising Counselors at 1-800-994-NSLC (6752). Students may also email us at