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The NSLC on Medicine and Health Care has created special partnerships with medical facilities across the country to provide unparalleled access and experiences for our summer medical program students.

Our current partnerships include:

Harvard Medical School

NSLC students attending the Medicine and Health Care program in Boston have the unique opportunity to learn from doctors, professors, and researchers from Harvard Medical School, the top-ranked medical school in the country. While on campus, students will be able to learn clinical skills through hands-on simulations and tour labs were cutting-edge research is being conducted. Through lectures and panel discussions with doctors and researches, students learn what it takes to be successful at one of our nation’s top medical institutions.

Chicago, IL: Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine is proud to participate in the National Student Leadership Conference on Medicine & Health Care. For 150 years, the Feinberg School has educated and trained some of the nation’s most accomplished clinicians, researchers, and educators. Along with the NSLC and its partner institutions, Northwestern is committed to helping students from across the country/globe develop the necessary skills to advance their professional careers through hosting prestigious summer medical programs for high school students.

With a longstanding tradition of community engagement and educational outreach, Northwestern embraces this opportunity to advance the NSLC mission through the NSLC on Medicine & Health. On behalf of the faculty, staff, students, and trainees at the Feinberg School of Medicine, we look forward to learning alongside you and your fellow youth leadership program attendees.

San Francisco, CA: J. David Gladstone Institutes

Since the summer of 2005, NSLC summer medical program students at our UC Berkeley program have had the unique opportunity to spend a half day hearing from distinguished scientists and medical researchers at the J. David Gladstone Institutes. During this special youth leadership program, NSLC students go behind-the-scenes in the Gladstone research labs, learning the techniques used to find cures for such illnesses as cardiovascular disease, HIV/AIDS and Alzheimer’s disease. Due to the Gladstone’s diligent logistical planning and generous resources, NSLC students have been exposed to ground-breaking research within the medical sciences.

Washington, D.C.: University of Maryland School of Medicine

NSLC high school summer medical program students at our Washington, D.C. program have had the special opportunity to spend a half day hearing from distinguished doctors and medical professionals at the UMD School of Medicine. From visiting the nation’s oldest public medical school to going behind-the-scenes in the anatomy lab, NSLC summer medical program students have the opportunity to see firsthand one of the nation’s premier medical schools. As part of their experience, students will meet with some of the school’s top medical students as they gain a valuable opportunity to learn what medical school is really like.

This trip is supplemented by a visit to the MedStar Health Simulation Training & Education Lab (SiTEL).  At SiTEL students have the opportunity to try their hand at suturing and surgical knot tying, learn what to do in a Code Blue with patient simulators, practice CRP, and practice with laparoscopic surgery simulators.

Atlanta, GA: Emory University Hospital

The Medicine and Health Care program in Atlanta provides NSLC students the opportunity to visit and interact with doctors and professionals from some of premier medical institutions in the Southern United States. During an exclusive visit to Emory University Hospital, students are able to view a live webcast of a surgical procedure and have the ability to interact with and ask questions to the doctors in the room. Students also participate in a discussion panel with Emory University medical, public health, and nursing students gaining an insiders perspective on what it takes to succeed at one of the nation’s top medical schools.

Additionally, NSLC students are able to tour one of the best public hospitals in the country, Grady Memorial Hospital, and its Marcus Stroke and Neuroscience Center. Student also have a half-day experience at Morehouse School of Medicine, a medical school that consistently received high ranks in primary care and social mission.