At the NSLC, your students will go beyond the classroom and learn firsthand from professionals in their chosen field.

Since 1989, the National Student Leadership Conference has invited a select group of outstanding high school and middle school students to participate in its fast-paced, high-level, interactive summer sessions.

Sponsored by the National Student Leadership Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, nonpartisan, education organization, the NSLC provides students with the opportunity to experience life on a college campus; develop essential leadership skills; and explore a future career through exciting simulations, exclusive site visits and interactive meetings with renowned leaders in their chosen field.

Nominate Your Students

On behalf of the more than 300 Senators, Congressional Representatives, and Ambassadors who serve on our Honorary Board of Advisors, we are pleased to invite you to nominate outstanding students for participation in the National Student Leadership Conference’s academic summer programs.

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Who to nominate
Each year, thousands of educators like you nominate students who have demonstrated academic excellence and extracurricular involvement. NSLC’s academic summer programs encourage diversity and place a high value on community service and social responsibility. Accordingly, the students you nominate must have a minimum of a “B” average and demonstrate leadership potential. The NSLC accepts nominations for current 6th-12th grade students.

How to nominate
Nominations are accepted online and by mail or fax. Log on to our nomination website using your Educator NSLC ID by clicking here. If you do not have an NSLC ID you may contact the NSLC office at 1.800.994.6752 or by email at

Nominate with confidence
Your nominations will be kept strictly confidential and communication will be restricted to the students and their parents or guardians. The student leaders you nominate will receive complete information regarding NSLC programs, including scholarship opportunities, without obligation.

By nominating qualified students for this once in a lifetime experience, you are encouraging their dreams and demonstrating your commitment to the development of student leaders for a better and brighter tomorrow.

For more information, please contact our Department of Educator Relations at

Educator Scholarships

The National Student Leadership Foundation makes every effort to assist students and their families with gathering funds for their NSLC program. To this end, the NSLF offers multiple Scholarships and a comprehensive Community Fundraising Guide.

$100,000 in Educator-distributed scholarships
Our best students are those selected and nominated by educators. We recognize that you are in the best position to identify those students who demonstrate academic excellence, extracurricular involvement, and place a high value on community service and social responsibility.

Recognizing that educators and academic advisers are in the best position to grant scholarships to students that need financial assistance, each year the NSLC grants 100 educators a $1,000 scholarship to distribute to their students.

Award details
As our way of saying thank you for your commitment to your school and your students, we have instituted the scholarship awards program. When you recognize outstanding students by nominating through our website or mail, we will enter your name to win a $1,000 scholarship award. You must use your NSLC ID (which can be found on any mailers you receive from us) to be eligible. Although there is no minimum or maximum nomination requirement, the great majority recognize between 10 and 20 students from their school.

Awards will enable 100 educators to defer the cost of this outstanding leadership program for students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend. Winners may distribute the award in increments of no less than $200. Distribution may be made at the discretion of the counselor, principal, or educator who receives the award.

For more information, please contact our Department of Educator Relations at

Program Scholarships

The NSLC understands that family circumstances may not enable all qualified students to attend the NSLC without financial assistance. Therefore, the National Student Leadership Foundation (NSLF) has designated scholarship funds to be distributed to students who may need additional assistance to attend the NSLC.

Students applying for an NSLC Scholarship will need to present the Scholarship Committee with a detailed description of their family’s current financial situation, including a copy of their parent or guardian’s latest tax forms and an explanation of any special circumstances.

Fundraising assistance
While the NSLF would like to meet the financial needs of all students, the large volume of scholarship applicants combined with limited funding, means that not all applicants will receive scholarships. The Foundation has created a comprehensive Guide to Community Fundraising which has helped make the NSLC an affordable experience for all applicants.

This guide contains suggestions that have been used successfully by past NSLC students to raise funds while also forging relationships with leaders in their community. Students and their parents may also contact the NSLC Enrollment Office for additional assistance in creating their own community fundraising plan.

$20,000 Alumni College Scholarships

Open to alumni of NSLC programs only
To recognize the hard work, talent, and dedication of our alumni, the National Student Leadership Foundation (NSLF) has designated a portion of the NSLF scholarship fund for a merit-based college tuition scholarship program, open to alumni of the NSLC only.

The NSLF will award twelve scholarships to outstanding National Student Leadership Conference alumni to attend one of our host universities. Each recipient will receive a $20,000 tuition scholarship to be distributed in $5,000 increments over four consecutive years.