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Interactive summer programs for students in grades 6-12

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Welcome to the National Student Leadership Conference

For over 30 years, we have welcomed students from around the world to our exciting high school pre-college and middle school summer enrichment programs.

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High School

Pre-College Summer Programs

Hands-on Simulations

Explore your future with interactive simulations based on exciting real-life career scenarios.

Life on a College Campus

Meet new friends from around the world who share your interests while living and learning on a college campus.

Leadership Training

Develop the knowledge, confidence, and practical leadership skills required to achieve your goals.

Exclusive Guest Speakers

Prepare for college as you gain valuable knowledge on how to succeed from professionals within your field.

Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Discover the world behind-the-scenes of your dream career as you gain insight into your future on exclusive tours.

Middle School

Summer Enrichment Programs

Explore Interests

Your Interests

At the NSLC, you will participate in interactive, fast paced, hands-on activities designed around the subjects you're most interested in.

Explore Interests

Your Potential

You will learn about future academic and career possibilities as you go on exciting trips and tours and engage with professionals from within your field of interest.

Explore Interests

Develop As A

You will develop the knowledge, confidence, and practical leadership skills required to achieve your goals and become a leader in your school and community.

Discover. Experience. Explore.

Benefits of NSLC
Benefits of Attending:
  • Explore a potential career
  • Receive a letter of recommendation
  • Prepare for college and beyond
  • Join an international alumni network
  • Learn practical leadership skills
  • Experience life on a college campus

NSLC by the Numbers

14 College Campuses

Select from some of the nation's most prestigious universities.

9:1 Student-Staff Ratio

Students work closely with their program staff and professors in an interactive learning environment.

70 Countries

were represented at the NSLC last summer.


Percentage of NSLC staff members who attended an NSLC program when they were in high school.

Over $500,000 in Scholarships

Awarded annually to NSLC alumni and students attending the NSLC.


The inaugural year of our career-focused leadership programs for high school students.